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Where do I get Bitcoins?
Where do I get Bitcoins?
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Bitcoins can be purchased at the following places:

  • Exchanges: Buying bitcoins at an online exchange, like Binance or Coinbase, is the best option for those less interested in privacy because the exchanges often require proof of identity. As well as buying bitcoins through an exchange, you can also store them there.

  • Over the counter: This means buying bitcoins from another person directly. Although this sacrifices the anonymity of a normal bitcoin transaction, it is still very popular. There are many websites that connect Bitcoin sellers with buyers, like Binance.

  • Bitcoin ATMs: These look and act like regular ATMs, but instead of receiving cash, you get a receipt with a designated code. Scanning this code adds bitcoins to your wallet.

  • Free Bitcoins: You can go to our faucet site Coinbox and claim free BTC and other cryptocurrencies (ETH, EOS, USDT, etc).

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