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How to verify the Crash results?
How to verify the Crash results?
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The hash value used in the game is inverse ordered. Therefore, with the SHA256 algorithm, a previous hash used in the game can be calculated from its subsequent hash. Since there is one-to-one correspondence between the key and the value of hash, we can draw the conclusion that if a hash can be used to calculate hash that precedes it, then this hash should have been already generated when the preceding prize is announced.
Similarly, the entire hash chain is generated at the very beginning and cannot be changed once generated. Otherwise, it cannot pass verification by SHA256, and as far as the payout is concerned, this is nothing more than a probability game in which crash is a given.The official organizer cannot manipulate any game set.
After the end of each bet, we will post the hash of this bet in the game history, and you can verify the result of this bet and previous bets. You can use code or a third-party verification tool to verify the correctness of the seed's results.

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