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Do you have affiliate program?
Do you have affiliate program?
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TrustDice does have a very generous affiliate program, and the current article will answer questions about how to apply and use the affiliate program, also what to expect if you’re already registered as an affiliate.

Let’s start with a simple definition of what is an affiliate program, It’s a partnership between you and You refer your players, visitors or subscribers to TrustDice, and we pay you a monthly commission on the total net revenue generated by all players you have referred to us.

Now, who can join the program and is it free of charge?

Anyone with an audience, website visitors, subscribers or other ways to promote and refer people to TrustDice can register to join the affiliate program.

Joining the program is absolutely free, moreover we offer great compensation.

How to join the affiliate program ?

First and foremost, visit our affiliate program page and click on the “Start earning” button.

Fill the registration form, and once your application is approved, you can log into the affiliate dashboard and create a tracker link.

Once on the dashboard page, you can keep track of various statistics such as number of players registered through your refer link, also most importantly the commission you’ve earned in USDT.

In the links and media section, you can set all referral links that you would share with your potential players.

Besides links, you can have access to different types of banners, to view them click on the + sign as shown below

Click on the banners section to open the banner page

In case you can’t find the banner type that suits you best, our team can costume prepare the banners accordingly to fulfill your needs.

The report section is more dedicated to keep track of your commission and received payment details.

When the commission is paid and how it is calculated?

At the beginning of each calendar month, your commission is transferred to your player’s account in USDT. You can withdraw your earnings at once or use them to play or bet.

Whenever a player wagers money on our website, you earn a percentage of revenue generated by that player. Your commission = (Bets - Wins - Bonuses - Admin fee - Fraudulent activity costs) x (Your commission percentage).

Regarding the monthly payments, TrustDice does not have any minimum amount limitations, commission funds will be processed to the player’s account from where you’re able to cash it out at any time.

What additional benefits can an affiliate get ?

- Revenue share – Our affiliate partners receive ongoing payments for as long as the referred customer keeps playing, affiliates can benefit from a customizable share rate.

-NNCO: No negative carryover is when the negative balance does NOT carry over into the next month.

- Faucet commission : you can get a passive income by inviting your players to claim the faucet from our faucet page. You can earn up to 50% commission everytime they claim from the faucet.

Do you need customized banners? Perhaps negotiate different deals? Please reach out to the affiliate manager at [email protected].

Thank you for sticking with us until the end, we invite you to check Terms & Conditions of the affiliate program for additional information.

We welcome you to contact our friendly live chat support in case you have any further questions and don’t forget to hit the Smile emoji 😃 if you found this article helpful 💜

Join our affiliate program today!

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