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How to deposit Bitcoin?
How to deposit Bitcoin?

4 easy ways to deposit bitcoin in TrustDice

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TrustDice offers many ways to deposit Bitcoin. All these methods work if you have TrustDice account:

1. First of all, you need to copy your bitcoin deposit address from the TrustDice account on the Deposit Page. Open your wallet or crypto exchange and put your TrustDice address to it to withdraw funds to your TrustDice bitcoin address.

2. Another way to deposit bitcoin is to buy Bitcoin directly in the TrustDice with the Buy Crypto option:

TrustDice offers different ways to deposit bitcoin, including buy bitcoin with Paypal, Credit/debit card, Visa, Mastercard and many other ways.
However, you will need an account from MoonPay or Paxful. Those safe sites might require ID verification.

3. If you happen to have altcoins with you but not bitcoin, this is not a problem! You can check the option Deposit With Altcoin. Simply select BTC (it can also be ETH or EOS) as the currency you wish to receive, select the altcoin you with to send, click on "GET ADDRESS", copy your deposit address to send your altcoins to TrustDice and that is it!

NOTE: Make sure to send more than the minimum amount of that specific altcoin, this will be displayed below.

4. Just use our bitcoin faucet: Coinbox. It doesn't give a lot of bitcoin, but it's instant and free amount of bitcoin, which will be deposited immediately.

Gooood Luck!

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