As the 27th edition of the Men’s Handball World Championship draws nearer, fans of the sport are already digging for player stats that will allow them to place bets with utmost efficiency.

This edition will be held in Egypt and will see 32 teams compete in 5 cities, starting on the 13th of January and ending with a grand finale on the 31st of January 2021.

For those looking to get a leg up when betting on the outcome of the championships, here are some helpful tips.

Betting Strategies

1) Win/Draw

First up: you may be tempted to go all out and bet on a win for your favorite team. However, this may not always be the best choice – instead, try placing a Win/Draw type bet. That way if an unexpected goal changes the outcome of the match, you may still come out on top.

2) Handicap Betting

If a match pits a star team against an underwhelming team, you can try betting on the number of balls that a team will win or lose by. You can even try betting on the underdog – if you’ve got a hunch that they aren’t as weak as they seem, go for it! For instance, you could place a bet that Team 2 will lose by 6 balls or more.

3) Halftime Adjustments

If a team is way in the lead at half-time, don’t shoot for the stars; The winning team will most likely play defensively in order to make sure they win the match. This is a common approach in sports – Italy’s football team being a great example of this. If you’re betting on a handicap in the second half, bet on a small difference between goals.

4) Bet On Group Stages

If you aren’t sure which team you’d like to bet on, try betting on multiple teams that have a chance to leave the group stage. Although the margins will probably be small, these are relatively safe bets you can have fun with before it’s time for the stars to face off against each other.

5) Bet on Both Teams’ Total

What happens if two teams you like are playing against each other? There’s no reason to ditch one team to become a partisan – just bet on the total amount of goals scored by both sides. For example, if you predict a score of 7-6 or less, hedge your bet on there being 13 goals scored or less.

6) Betting On Your Favorite Player

Have you got your eye on some young promising rising star? Hedge a bet on him scoring a few goals and carrying his team to victory. For example, you can place a bet that your favorite player will score at least 3 goals during the upcoming match.

We hope these betting tips will steer you towards more lucrative betting results – but remember that nothing beats intuition! See you at the bookies!

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