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Best VPNs: free & cheap & expensive
Best VPNs: free & cheap & expensive

List of the best VPNs ✅ This list will suit anyone. It includes all kinds of VPNs, even for mobile.

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What is a VPN?

A virtual proxy network commonly known as VPN is meant to protect your privacy as you browse through the internet by creating a secure connection to another network over the internet. Simply, it helps you to get access to sites that are blocked in your country.

How do I select a VPN?

Choosing the right VPN is quite important and depends on the needs of the user:

Free VPN Services

If you are just trying to hide your IP while don't care about aspects like internet speed, security protocols and you don't require features like personal servers, which some developers provide, then you should go for a relatively cheap or maybe even a free VPN service.

Paid VPN Services

While if you are looking to get the best features and support then you must pick a paid VPN which satisfies all your needs. A paid VPN will have better internet speed and higher level of security as compared to a free service.

What are some of the best Free VPNs?

After analyzing many VPN providers we have concluded three of the best free VPNs we recommend for users looking to try free VPNs:

HotSpot Shield

One of the most popular free VPN provider which provides fast connection (maximum 2Mbps) and enough bandwidth (500MB) to the free users while also having plans for the premium customers. It allows you to connect 1 device.

Download: Check their plans and select "Basic" Plan to enjoy the free VPN: LINK.


Another very popular VPN provider that also provides 500 MB bandwidth and you can jack up to 1GB if you tweet about TunnelBear which is quite interesting. The design of tunnelBear software is really smooth and easy to understand which makes them an ideal choice for anyone who wants to use free VPN.

Download: Have a look at TunnelBear plans and click "Try For free" to download it for free: LINK.

Not just a VPN but they also provide proxy browser services. provides upto 5 locations for free users while allowing 10 GB of data traffic per month and hence they are a strong contender for free VPN services we recommend.

Download: You can have a look at the various plans and select "FREE" to download: LINK.

What are some of the best Cheap VPNs?

Cheap VPN provides features that are superior as compared to the free VPNs but still lacks advanced features that are being offered by the premium VPN providers. These are the ideal choice for an average user who doesn't require advanced features while also doesn't want ad-supported free VPN:

NameCheap VPN

Pricing: $5.88/month

Website: LINK.

Benefits: 30-day money back guarantee + big brand Namecheap + good customer support.


Pricing: $5/month

TrustDice Rating: 9/10

Website: LINK.

Benefits: VPN Encryption + Wi-Fi hotspot privacy + Unlimited Devices across various platforms


Pricing: $2.49/month if purchased annual plan

Website: LINK.

Benefits: 3200 servers in 65+ countries + Unlimited Devices + Private DNS & leak protection

What are some of the best premium VPN?

Premium VPNs are recommended for those who don't mind spending a few extra bucks but would not compromise with features or internet speed. These are some of the best VPN in the market which not only provide the highest IP addresses but also comes up with unique features and absolutely rapid internet speed:


Pricing: $10.95/month

Website: LINK.

Benefits: 256-bit Encryption + Dedicated IP (Paid-addon) + 6500+ servers in more than 140 countries


Pricing: $12.99/month if purchased annual plan

Website: LINK.

Benefits: Wi-Fi protection + Multiple devices + Strong encryption


Pricing: $11.95/month

Website: LINK.

Benefits: Ultra-Fast Connection + Ad-blocker + Browser Extensions

BONUS: Best Free Mobile VPNs

All options above most of them have their own version for mobile, but if you play only on Mobile and just don't want to spend time learning what is the best VPN, you can choose one of the below from App Store/Google Play Market:

SuperVPN Free

Benefits: No registration needs + It's free + it was downloaded 100,000,000 from Google play, which means it's a pretty safe application.
Download for Android: Google play market.

Hola Free VPN

Benefits: Free to use + option to choose the country
Download for Android: Google play market.
Download for iOS: App store.

Turbo VPN- Free VPN Proxy Server

Benefits: Private browser + Free to use

Download for Android: Google play market.
Download for iOS: App store.

It's a list of the best World's popular VPN with Big brand names, so many downloaded, and a big userbase. They're pretty reliable and you can choose any of them based on your taste.

Good luck!

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