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When my ETH Deposit will arrive?
When my ETH Deposit will arrive?

Made a ETH deposit, but it didn't credit

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When to know that my ETH deposit arrived based on the blockchain?

In order to receive your ETH deposit into your TrustDice account, the ETH Transaction ID/HASH must be “SUCCESS” and you should see a green checkmark like this on the blockchain:

The hourglass means that it hasn’t been fully confirmed by the blockchain yet, and requires additional waiting time.

What If I don't receive my ETH deposit after 30 minutes ?

If your ETH deposit hasn't been credited within 30mins, The ETH/ERC20 deposit you made is probably through a smart contract, which our system does not support automatically. But, you don’t need to worry about it, you just need to reach our customer support team and provide them the transaction id and they will solve it manually immediately!

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