What is a multi bet?
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Multi bet means that you place two or more bets, combining different
games of the same sport or different sports, the total odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of all the individual bets.

Pros of the multi bet

  • You would make more money than you would from a single bet.

  • It's a good way of increasing your odds when betting on heavy favorites.

Cons of the multi bet

  • The payout will be much smaller or no return of money at all if 1 selection is lost.

There are different types of multi bets, the payout is different in each one.

  1. Double: 2 different bets.

  2. Treble: 3 different bets.

  3. Accumulator: there are more than 4 bets, also known as 4 fold, 5 fold, 6 fold… etc, depending on how many bets were placed.

  4. Trixie: Is wager placed on 3 selections of four bets.

  5. Yankie: 11 bets but based on four separate selections.

  6. Lucky 15: Popular with horse racing fans, a lucky 15 is the same as a Yankee but also includes single bets.

How to place a multi bet?

On your bet split 2 options will be available, the SINGLE and MULTI.

The SINGLE is when you make one bet in an event, you can check here how the

odds are calculated.

If you want to place a multi bet you need to be sure that you click the MULTI,
if you place it on the single tab they will be taken into account as many single bets.

Place your bets and enjoy your winnings!

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