How does it work in simple words?

If you have enjoyed our previous Free Spins promotion, then you know it.
It’s very similar to it. However, this time you have 2 rewards:
Free Spins and Sport risk free bet. You spin the wheel and get one of these rewards.

  1. You win Free spins, you use it in video slots and enjoy it as you do usually.

  2. You win Sports Risk free bet, you bet it on any sports event you wish.

Let’s go into more details of How Sport Risk-Free Bet works?


When you win a Sports Free bet, you can place it on any sports. If you win - you keep your winnings, but if your bet loses, you don't really lose anything & good luck the next time!

How it works, example #1:

Mick wins Risk free bet equals to 5 USDT. Mick picks USA vs Wales FIFA World Cup match and bets on Wales to win with odds 3.1. If Wales wins, he gets 5 USDT * 3.1 - 5 USDT = 10.5 USDT.

How it works, example #2:

Amelia wins Risk free bet equals to 5 USDT. Amelia picks Germany vs Japan FIFA World Cup match, and bets on Draw with odds 4.4. If she is right and there is draw, then she wins 5 USDT * 4.4 - 5 USDT = 17 USDT. However, as Max. Win amount of Free bet is 15 USDT. Amelia gets 15 USDT in real cash!

Formula to calculate potential win of Sports
Risk Free bet: Risk Free bet amount * odds - Risk Free bet amount.


a) Free Bets can be used only on markets with odds of 1.6 or higher

b) Free Bet amount equals to 5 USDT / 0.004 ETH / 0.00025 BTC / 700 JPY / 8,000 KRW / 5 EUR / 5 USDC

c) Max. win after using the Free Bet is 0.01 ETH/ 0.001 BTC/ 15 EUR / 3,000 JPY / 20,000 KRW / 15 USDT / 15 USDC


Now, let’s go and enjoy our FIFA World Cup Promotion: Promotion page.

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