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How to purchase cryptocurrency with MoonPay
How to purchase cryptocurrency with MoonPay

Deposit, buy cryptocurrency with bank transfer, Master card Visa card to crypto

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First and foremost, it is important to mention that MoonPay is available only for UK, US, Canada, and EU countries residents, and unfortunately, it can only be accessible for the rest of the world using VPN.

Once the service is accessible, you would need to enter your email address.

Secondly, a verification code will be sent to your email address, you must insert it and agree to terms of use and privacy policy to proceed.

Afterwards, please connect the payment method (Bank transfer or card payment) suitable for you to complete your purchase.

Lastly, file the personal details along with billing address and card/bank details

Once the payment details are entered, you shall add the amount you wish to buy. Please be guided that additional fees are included (Gas fee and processing fee).

Please keep in mind that MoonPay does require KYC for registered profiles, please find below a link on how to complete KYC verification: How to verify your identity on MoonPay?

Let's make purchasing crypto fast, simple and secure!

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